A Day at the Beach or Processing Disgust

The chilled ocean air whips past my face. Seagulls flap in lazy circles and sandpipers run back and forth with the surf. I keep a tight hold on the pages of my book and glance up, shading my eyes from the sun, looking for my husband’s silhouette in the waves. By the time Alex returns,Continue reading “A Day at the Beach or Processing Disgust”

Musings from an Unemployed English Major: Navigating My New Role as a Wife

Technically, it hasn’t even been a month. But that month feels like a lot longer when you’re recently married, moved to a different state, and sit in an apartment all day. I graduated from Utah Valley University on May 7. I officially have a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a minor in Russian studies.Continue reading “Musings from an Unemployed English Major: Navigating My New Role as a Wife”

Ruminations on Writing Through Discontent or Building a Nightstand

(A rough, messy account of an actual event, occurring April 22, 2021) The last thing I should be doing at 9:00 p.m. is starting to build a nightstand. But here I am, all the pieces dumped out onto the floor. Dust tickles my nose and flakes of Styrofoam speckle the carpet. It’s not like IContinue reading “Ruminations on Writing Through Discontent or Building a Nightstand”

On the Purposes of Language Study: Sharing Stories

(Another messy article about why language and stories are cool and needed) Language is one of the most important aspects of our society, in my opinion. We use language to communicate. We use language to express and share our experiences. Language both shapes us and shapes our experiences. And we, in turn, shape language. LanguageContinue reading “On the Purposes of Language Study: Sharing Stories”

On the Purpose of Writing Books or Why I Write

Messy musings on the magic of books and how they’re (unfortunately) tied to capitalism Books mean everything to me. And no, this is not hyperbole. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading, when I didn’t have piles of library books waiting to be read at home, tucked on the bottom shelf of myContinue reading “On the Purpose of Writing Books or Why I Write”

English and Me: My Origin Story

(A semi-messy article about my thoughts on studying English and why I write) I’ve always loved learning. From reading my first, hastily stapled required books in kindergarten, to research projects, to writing papers, even to taking tests, I’ve always enjoyed school. And I suppose that’s what I always thought learning was: school. My father gotContinue reading “English and Me: My Origin Story”