Ruminations on Writing Through Discontent or Building a Nightstand

(A rough, messy account of an actual event, occurring April 22, 2021) The last thing I should be doing at 9:00 p.m. is starting to build a nightstand. But here I am, all the pieces dumped out onto the floor. Dust tickles my nose and flakes of Styrofoam speckle the carpet. It’s not like IContinue reading “Ruminations on Writing Through Discontent or Building a Nightstand”

English and Me: My Origin Story

(A semi-messy article about my thoughts on studying English and why I write) I’ve always loved learning. From reading my first, hastily stapled required books in kindergarten, to research projects, to writing papers, even to taking tests, I’ve always enjoyed school. And I suppose that’s what I always thought learning was: school. My father gotContinue reading “English and Me: My Origin Story”